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Thread: If you wish to subscribe to this Forum.

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    If you wish to subscribe to this Forum.

    Due to the excessive amount of Spam postings, literally hundreds a day, on-line registration to this forum has been stopped by Forum Administration.

    If you wish to join us - and genuine posters are most welcome - please contact us using the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page. Give us salient details as below, and if we are satisfied that the request is genuine we will open an account for you and let you know.

    a) User Name - User names must be recognizable names or nicknames - cdky_fu, or similar will not be accepted.
    b) E-mail Address - Personal email addresses only to be used, Company email addresses, especially those linked to commercial sales sites are not acceptable.

    c) Birth Date - A correct date of birth is to be given. The request to join date is not acceptable. Birth dates may be hidden, if desired, but will be checked for viability.
    d) Biography - Biography means just that. Limited details of gender, and salient personal facts should be given. E.G. Male, mechanic, nearing retirement.
    e) Location means what it says. Potential users giving location as 'XXX', when our routine check shows them living in 'YYY' will not be authorised.
    f) Interests - Interests should give some indication of the users interests. E.G. Biking, fine food, ancient buildings etc., etc..
    g) Occupation - Occupation may be given (preferred) or left blank. 'Retired' is acceptable as an occupation. 'Retired ex-IT Manager' is even more explanatory.

    No one will be authorised until the above information is given to an acceptable standard.

    i) Spam posting is strictly forbidden.
    ii) Advertising, in posts, threads or signatures is not permitted.
    iii) Websites may be referenced within posts only if directly relevant to, and in support of the particular thread.
    iv) All posts are to be in UK or US English unless the use of a non-English language is relevant to the thread and the posts within it.

    Posters infringing i) to iv) above will be banned immediately and permanently.
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