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Thread: New Trike Car - Elio Motors

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    New Trike Car - Elio Motors

    The price and gas mileage sound appealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    The price and gas mileage sound appealing.
    It looks very much like a modern uptake on the old, post WWII, Messerschmitt Kabinenroller KR200. I wouldn't mind one for wet club ride-outs (A 'bike licence covers it here) as it would keep these tired old bones nice and dry and comfy. I think a nice litre Kwakka 'bike engine, or, say, a Suzi GSX-R 750 engine would pep the performance up a bit, 0 -60 in four seconds and a top speed of circa 125-135 would enable me to keep up with the 'Touring' class riders with a bit in hand for safety reasons.

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    Looks like a professional job - let's just hope the company's got enough capital behind it to support its very ambitious plans!

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    If their car passes all government hurdles and sells in reasonable numbers I wouldn't be surprised if a high performance model is eventually offered. A slightly smaller and lighter one-seater equipped with a powerful motorcycle engine (perhaps rear mounted) and five seconds or less zero-to-sixty acceleration would be just fine with me too. Just show me where to sign my name on the dotted line.

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    The venture is starting to look serious. I found a short video that provides a brief glimpse of the interior and motor.
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