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Thread: Just stay the hell out of Virginia.

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    Just stay the hell out of Virginia.

    I drove South on I-95 in what is now yesterday morning.
    From Richmond to the NC state line, I counted at least seven instances of what were clearly speeding stops, by both VA State Police and various local Sheriff operations.

    My wife drove south to Richmond the night before, and lost count of the speed traps.

    In NC I saw one Trooper, clearly assisting a driver with a mechanical problem.
    In SC I saw one Trooper, also rendering aid to a motorist, not issuing "payin' paper".

    It's a criminal enterprise.
    How can the perpetrators expect support in other efforts from the citizenry, when they are clearly at war with us?

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    I live in Indiana. One road I drive coming home has speed limits over a 10 mile stretch of 50, 60 55, 60, 50, 60, 45 then 55 the rest of the way into town. Head up to I-64 a bit north of here and head towards Louisville and around the 65 mile marker the police like to sit. I figure 8 out of 10 times I go through there anywhere from 1 to 8 police sit there. It's away from flight paths so the State uses an airplane and they will pull people over left and right. Since they use a stop watch and painted lines, it's nearly impossible to beat their tickets. Radar and such can have issues and a good lawyer can get you off. Timing over a known distance, forget it. I know both ways.
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    Interesting thread - I'm in Virginia right now!

    We saw quite a few police stops on I-95 yesterday between Woodbridge & Fredericksburg.

    Am I alone in finding the speed limits in VA stupidly low? 55 mph on a road which elsewhere would have a 70 limit is pointless.

    Another big problem I have with Virginia is the lack of speed limit signs. It's a common US problem, but seems much worse in Virginia. When I turn onto a road which most likely has a different speed limit to the one I've turned off I need to know what the speed limit is - five miles before the first speed limit sign is too far!

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    After complaining about low speed limits, yesterday I drove I-64 to Richmond, much of which has a 70 limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Brand View Post
    55 mph on a road which elsewhere would have a 70 limit is pointless.
    Aahhhh, but it isn't pointless if collecting fines is the goal. Everything about Virginia's traffic law is aimed at collecting fines. I've lived in Virginia for a little over 15 years, and have paid more fines in those years than in the previous 30 years I've been driving before moving here. A common them is the way the speed limit signs aren't posted for many miles, until you've had a chance to get a ticket, as you mentioned. ;-) Another common theme is the warning sign for a 20 mph reduction of the speed limit being placed 100 ft before the lower speed limit sign. Living here, you get used to hitting the brakes when you see a "reduced speed ahead" sign.

    It's all for the revenue. Safety isn't even a factor.

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