September 7th, 2013: I am driving, come up behind a slow moving Ford ranger. Think nothing of it, just another clover, and keep driving. We get to the stop sign, and before she drives away, she gives me the finger. Why? Who the fuck knows. It pissed me off though. I'm betting she didn't think I would follow her, as most people don't go that way. Anyway, she drives very slowly, until of course, we get to my passing zone, where she brings it up to 60+mph. We get past the passing zone, and its a purposeful crawl until we part ways. This was the first time I've ever been on the road with her.

Today, October 30th, 2013: Meet her again. She slams on her brakes at the stop sign, trying to get me to hit her (attempted insurance fraud?). After that fails, she looks at me in the rear-view mirror, going approximately 1mph, gives me the finger, then waves, then one more finger before she drives off. I return those gestures.
I attempt to pass her, she blocks me (aggressive, reckless driving?). I wait behind her, before finally passing her before she can turn off.

I have the plates. AND I have all this on video, by the way. I will put both on clover cam depending on the responses I get here. What action should I take? I don't want to deal with this anymore. Twice was enough. Advice? What should I do when we meet again? Because she's going to be fuming over my 1up of passing her.