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Thread: Crankcase Oil

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    Crankcase Oil

    Thought I'd mention about how often I drive my '76 Chevy, which is hardly any at all, meaning I drive it practically every other day to the stores and such places which totals 2 miles round trip, which comes to an average of 10-15 miles A WEEK!
    Just a couple of weeks ago I changed the oil after driving a grand total of 365 miles, and you can't imagine how near-black in color it was. Oil is cheap at Walmart where a 5-qt container cost $17.88 before tax. I guess I'll be changing it again three months from now.

    Thought I'd let you all know.

    Thanks for listening.

    Larry T

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    Yeah, two miles a day is really really hard service, because the oil never gets hot enough to boil off the condensed water in it.
    That's why changing it on a time basis is a good idea in your case.
    That, or fit a crankcase heater like those used on industrial engines, to maintain the oil at ~220F when you're not running the engine.

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    Mike is right, Larry. Your engine is never getting hot enough to preserve the lubrication qualities of your oil. Why not take the car for a good run at least once a week, Twenty to thirty miles of 50 -60 mph should be enough to boil off the accumulated water and acids, keep the battery in better trim and your engine and gearbox and electrics will thank you for it.

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