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Thread: Books to help people "wake up"

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    Smile Books to help people "wake up"

    Alrighty. After getting reminded yet again that "we" who are awake to government tyranny are few and far between, and letting that make me butt hurt, I am now back to being in a good enough mood to actually try to awaken these fucking retards who can't comprehend the youtube videos out there of politicians explicitly saying their plans for the world or all the videos of corrupt cops and military beating the shit out of/killing innocent people (see the definition of "our" military's "collateral damage" if you don't believe me...)

    So, I think making a list of "required reading" that of course none of these fucking retards will actually listen to let alone actually go out and read, just might help:

    1. Farenheit 451. In this book, books are banned from a society that is ever content with the sea shells in their ears that feed them soothing music (this directly compares to things like ipods in society today) and television screens that are the entire size of the wall (this directly compares with televisions getting larger and larger to keep the masses watching football and other dumb shit to preoccupy their minds). Long story short, the main character escapes and some foreign country nukes the tyrannical government society while the main character and his new found friends share books with each other in the woods.

    2. 1984. I'm not even going to type out a synopsis because jesus fucking christ, just read the fucking thing and if you can't directly correlate this book to what is happening in society you are a fucking idiot.

    3. Brave New World. See my words I typed after my number 2 selection.

    Please feel free to add more books to the list or just say back handed insults without attempting to try to change my mind about my viewpoints of the government. Thank you.
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    Well, I can't come up with any snappy backhanded insults, so......

    1. Freedom in Chains by James Bovard

    2. Send in the Waco Killers by Vin Suprynowitz

    3. Why Not Freedom? by James and Ronald Kennedy

    4 Every Knee Shall Bow by Jess Walter

    There are lots of newer books. Searching any of these titles on Amazon will definitely send the searcher down the rabbit hole to a whole world of reading.

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