I want to start this thread off by saying that although I have white skin, I am not a white supremacist. Also, I am not very religious myself but I have no problem with anyone being religious. I say that because there are a ton of mentally ill people and government shills on the internet who throw around the word "Zionism" while pretending to be white supremacists, or neo nazis, or whatever, and do so to disrupt conversations about the truth. Now, what is the truth about Zionism?....

I'm fairly new to this subject so I'd like to hear your input on this topic. All I really know is, I completely disagree with the creation of the nation of Israel. It's none of the United Nations business, or America's business to tell the middle east what should or should not exist there. I think Zionists and those who hold dual citizenship between America and Israel is the main source for who is controlling the central banking systems throughout the world, and therefore who really control the policies of the United Nations, the European Union, and America.

I also believe Zionists staged 9/11 but I'll get into that later.

I want to remind everyone that Zionism is completely separate from Judaism (Jewish people) but corrupt Zionists love nothing more than to shut people like me up by claiming I am someone who hates Jews just because I do not agree with Zionism.