OK, ok....I know we're not supposed to realize that the "moon missions" were very obviously bullshit. NASA is a sacred cow which should never be questioned or considered for defunding, because, dammit they put us on the MOON fer the luvva Pete. These trips to the moon were served up to us when we really needed to believe that "we", the (powerful federal government) people" could do anything better and faster than those communist Russians.

About a year ago, on EPA, the discussion of something led to the mention of the Apollo moon missions. Remembering how absolutely phony the TV images seemed to me at the time, with the astronauts jumping around like crippled fleas in the low gravity of the moon, I joined in the discussion and was led by a posted link to a site, which linked to a series of articles titled "Wagging the Moondoggie". Here's a link to the opening article:


Here's a link to the series of articles and the other works by the same author.


And a Wayback Machine page of his older site:


Anyway, I was hooked. All the moonshot fakery sites I'd visisted were kind of boring and seemed devoted to arguing over minutae. Dave's writing and the way he pointed out obvious questions anyone might ask when confronted with the silliness of the official stories were mcuh more interesting.

Check it out, and feel free to point out to me that I'm a delusional, tinfoil hat wearing idiot. When you do, maybe you can also show me where the author of the series is wrong. Hope somebody gets a kick out of all this.