I apologize if I'm starting this thread in the wrong forum, feel free to move it, if necessary.

I have only been "awake" online for a couple of years but I have seen a ton of youtube accounts and other internet accounts that are set up solely to disrupt discussions of freedom (anti-government) related topics.

How to spot government shills:

If you see anyone advocating illegal activity, they are either one of three things:
1. A fucking idiot
2. A mentally disabled person (see number 1)
3. A government employee (shill)

From my experience, the government shills usually expose themselves very quickly by saying things like "if you really believe in freedom, why aren't you out there shooting politicians?" or "hey, I really like what you're saying, let's be friends and discuss this via private messaging" where they will nudge you to post something incriminating. I have also seen on this website someone under the name of (I'll just call him by his acronym) HJ, demanding that other people here type out that they, like apparently him, do not pay taxes.

How to call out government shills:

From my experience, government shills never use their real names in their postings. Back when I had a Facebook account I "friended" a government shill. This dipshit was using someone else's pictures as "him" while he pretended to be anti-government. I called him out on it by asking him to post up a video simply saying "My name is ____ and this is really me in these pictures on my Facebook profile". Not only did the dipshit not do what I asked, he ignored me all together.

With the way technology has progressed, anyone with a "smart" phone or a friend with these phones can easily post up a 30 second or less video to a youtube account at the drop of a hat. Anyone not willing to do so, while demanding you incriminate yourself by posting some illegal shit, is a government shill.

I'm not saying that everyone should post their real pictures or even use their real names, what I am saying is that anyone who tries to get you to post something incriminating is either a retard or a government shill. If they're just a retard then they should happily post up a video explanation of their demands... if they're a government shill they will attempt to hide behind anonymity and come back under a different user name.

Please feel free to post up your own viewpoints or experiences with government shills. Oh, and fuck the government, and their shills.