EVE Online - check it out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EVE_online

High Sec space, ie, starting areas, have AI security forces that punish aggression, with extreme prejudice. There are ways around this, though.

Low Sec is most of the 'verse, no cops, anything goes. Anything. You can start a friggin' Investment Bank for players, and abscond, just like in real life.

All players are in the same server-space; no shards, or regional servers.
People wander into LoSec after a while to try to grab resources, or to pirate other players. Yarrrr! lol

But the LoSec ecology is much like that of the trout population in a Sierra lake - the young'un's stay in the shallow water near the shore and snag insects that land in the water. The elder, survivor trout, big and fat, stay mostly in the deep parts of the lake, and what they eat is mostly younger trout.

I played for a year and a half, found some friends and we made a corp, I got swindled into being CEO.We had some great times, awesome times, team playing makes the game 100x better, even if it's just one partner you can trust.

But the clear trend is toward Empires/Syndicates. LoSec is divided up among gangs, who to varying degrees guard their turf.
Try your anacap strategies there, and let me know how that works out.