I was already planning on moving... at first I was going to wait to get my house completely fixed up (which would happen sometime near the end of 2014)...then I decided to speed it up and just unload it as long as I don't walk away from it owing any money to the bank (fingers crossed!). I just read this today from my HOA's weekly newsletter, holy crap, after the new year I am getting with a real estate agent and am getting rid of this house ASAP:

These are the new rules for the HOA:

Why I'm selling the house (part of the reason..).JPG

1. Attend meetings. Don't just show up if you have a problem or complaint.

2. Accept nomination to serve on the Board or appointment to any committee.

3. (My favorite) Describe your association in positive terms. (they printed the word "positive" in italics...)

4. Be prepared when asked to contribute; plan details of an event, coordinate with other owners and affiliates.

5. Contribute whatever time you have available for the benefit of the community. Become a dependable, constructive member of your association.

6. When attending Board meetings, remember that the only time you should address the Board is during the Open Forum session. Don't interrupt during the Business meeting.

7. Keep an open mind and look for the benefits to the community whenever a new program is being initiated. (ha...hahahahahahahaha...)

8. Don't criticize the Board, committee members or other volunteers. (hahahahahahahahahaha....)

9. Read your newsletter and correspondence from the management company in order to understand what is going on and why decisions are being made.

10. Introduce yourself to new owners. Let them know that our community is a great place to live and that you look forward to their involvement. (Sieg heil!)

Goodby HOA, and I will never make the mistake again to live in an HOA community. A lesson well learned...

Feel free to share this or share your own HOA horror stories.