That's a Philly-ism. I'm originally from Germany, but the Philly area is where I've spent most of my life. I own small business that's automotive related and kinda techy; we hack a certain brand of German cars for a living. I have a slew of those cars around, as well as a couple of bikes, which I've been to 26 states and 5 Canadian provinces on. Earlier this year, I also bought some woods to throw stuff in (preferably at 1200 fps or more). They happen to be in the same county that Eric call home, but that's a coincidence; we selected it before I became aware of this site. My political philosophy has changed over the years. I've come from being a large-L Libertarian in my misguided youth to realizing that those guys are just slightly less evil statists than the Pachyderms and Jackasses are. Over the past five years I've also come to realize that we're in a world of hurt economically. My business has done well and I don't owe anyone a cent, but if you look at the western world's macro picture, the enormous overhang of debt (both public and private) that's been allowed to accumulate spells some really difficult/interesting times ahead.