About 2 years ago I bought a mossberg 500 12 gauge with a pistol grip (the "Just In Case" model that comes with a pretty kickass waterproof case). I thought it was the perfect home defense shotgun until I took it out and shot it. Having all that recoil go straight into my hand was a rude awakening to me.

I have since bought this stock: http://www.amazon.com/Phoenix-Techno...ology+kicklite

It's a "Phoenix Technology Kicklite" stock. It's got a fat piece of soft rubber attached to the end of a 5-point adjustable stock. The stock itself has a fat spring inside of it. With this stock I can shoot 3 inch magnum loads with no pain from the recoil. Standard 2 3/4 inch shell recoil is totally absorbed by this stock. No shoulder pain after a day of shooting.

I am not sponsored by this product at all, but I'd like to spread the word that this is one of my favorite gun add ons that I've purchased. I have been called a whimp for using this stock, but fuck (butt fuck, ha) needless recoil pain.