I shared this story in a different thread but I'm going to paraphrase it here:

I used to keep a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun as my home defense gun (kept it just beside my bed). One night I was awoken in the middle of the night by a noise that I thought was someone trying to break into my house through the back patio. While walking towards the patio I was scared shitless of the thought that the 2 rounds in my shotgun might not be enough, let alone if I missed twice. Since then I've read up on the subject of home defense and now, at the bare minimum. keep either a 5 or 6 shot revolver on my nightstand (with a flashlight for the other hand). I also keep a fully loaded "high capacity assault rifle" in my closet. I try to mentally train myself to go for the "high capacity assault rifle" first but because I'm so used to carrying a handgun with me that will probably be my first line of defense... the thought of diving into my closet for the "assault rifle" is probably just a pipe dream but it's some nice peace of mind knowing that it's there.

Just two weeks ago I bought a glock 19 (for those who don't know that's a 15+1 9mm handgun) and it is my newest addition to my home defense lineup.

I have yet to have to use any of my guns against an actual intruder but I know from talking to former friends (former friends because they turned into either complete drug addicts or snitch apologists) that just the threat alone of me owning guns, and my willingness to use them and carry at least one with me everytime I leave the house, keeps a lot of "bad shit" away from my house. Or at the very least, it keeps the "bad guys" thinking twice about fucking with me. Case in point: one of the last time I was hanging out with my drug addict friends I got into it with one of them because he is a pill head thief. He wanted to beat my ass because I was making fun of his pill addiction when he whimpily told me "I'd beat your ass right now but you'd probably just pull out your gun and shoot me"... long story short, the 95 pound pill head did not beat my ass nor did I pull out my gun but I have since completely distanced myself from that crowd.

Another story: I live in a pretty nice golf course community. Across the street from my house is one of a handful of parks around the neighborhood. A few months ago I came home from work to find some homeless shithead sleeping there. It was over 110 degrees outside and he was in the wearing a sweatshirt. For those of you not "in the know" that means he was high as fuck, probably on heroin, taking himself a nice little nap in the park where little kids like to play. I had just had a bad day at work so the sight of him pissed me off. I grabbed my .357 and my german shepherd and woke his ass up and told him to "get the fuck out of here". At first he was smiling, then he tried being a hardass, but when his sleepy ass saw my .357 on my hip he grabbed his backpack, hopped on his mountain bike, and left. Oh, he called me an "evil piece of shit faggot" too but I suppose that's beside the point...

Anyways, what's your home defense gun?