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Thread: I think I'm probably done with Rand Paul

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    I think I'm probably done with Rand Paul

    I've defended him here multiple times, once a year and a half ago, and then again in a conversation with Eric recently. I'm a little more tolerant of social conservatism than most here due to my pro-life position and my Christian upbringing, but my tolerance for police state and foreign policy type stuff is very, very low. I think Rand Paul really just lost me on those issues. See here:

    (I believe you have to be a member of RPF to see that first one, I posted it in hot topics because they're very adamant that anti-Rand stuff not be posted in Rand's forum. I'll quote my post below, but you should probably just join, we can use more ancaps over there anyways. There are a number of us, we're a minority, but a significant minority.

    I've defended Rand Paul many times. I've criticized him too, but I've made the case to hardcore libertarians that, despite his flaws, he's worth supporting. If only because, at the absolute least, he'd be better than anyone else.

    But then I saw this:

    Now, there's a lot of liberal crap here, but its the comments about Edward Snowden that really get to me. If Boobus is really this stupid, then frankly, its time to start talking about secession, and being willing to violently defend our freedom. If this is how little Rand is willing to separate himself from everyone else, I seriously question if he's really worth my time.

    Because frankly, right now, I feel ashamed to even support him. I feel ashamed to be an American even more than I did yesterday, because I thought we had at least one senator who wasn't evil. I am no longer sure I think this is the case.

    Those here who support Rand, this is your chance to convince me to get back "on board" because right now, frankly, if the election were right now, I wouldn't be casting my vote for him. The economy doesn't mean crap if you can literally go to prison for exposing ILLEGAL actions by the State. This is common sense, in my mind.

    Rand Paul, you are a failure, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't bother running, just repent, and then apologize to your father for disgracing his legacy. I don't think I'll be voting for you.

    And for those of you who say Rand and Ron are "the same", or whatever, Ron called Manning and Snowden HEROES. Rand wants to throw the freaking book at them.

    Rand supporters, defend him, if you can.

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    Oh, and thank you Eric for the "throw it in the woods" line. I love it.

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