I've been looking at Craig's ads all over the place and found a 79 Formula in Filthadelphia. The person who posted ad sent me lots of pics of the car and it looked superclean so Saturday my son and I drove 3 hours down to look at it and possibly buy it.

After the initial "Dude your car isn't rare they made 100k of them" the seller realized I knew what I was talking about and was putting a realisic value on the car. Since 2nd Gen F-bodies rust from underneath to the top I got down to look at the bottom. There had to be 5 gallons of undercoating gooped on it! I easily spotted a hole in the trunk and a bad floor patch through the goop. In the pics it just looked like a clean underside.

As I'm going over the electrical system I started asking questions about drivability. Turns out the guy never even had it on the road. I insisted that the car be drivable before I even went down but the seller told me he couldn't be certain how dependable it was with him never even having it on the street.

I knew then I wasn't buying it but I stuck around to work on my negotiating.

Got the seller from his window sticker price of 8k down to 5k and he was going to deliver it to my house. There must be a whole bunch wrong I didn't know about. Said I needed to discuss it with my wife and got outta here.

Moral of the story...Go look at the car before you buy it. Pics can be decieveing.