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Thread: Have you ever hated one of your cars? (Situation Suggestions)

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    Have you ever hated one of your cars? (Situation Suggestions)

    EDIT: The subaru is no longer for sale, disregard that.

    My situation:

    My car is a 99 Accord Sedan EX 4 cylinder 115k miles.

    Bought in Oct of 2011.
    Wanted it gone since Nov of 2011.

    This year: Put new exhaust on it -~600$
    Went back to the place 3 times because of various problems with their work. They finally say my catalytic converter is going to go, another 600$ (quoted). I don't necessarily believe them, they probably just don't want to see me again, but it got me thinking about the future of my relationship with this car.

    I don't want it anymore. I'm tired of its slowness, loudness, and 18mpg. It also let me down for the first time this winter. I needed to be towed out of a bush.

    I was going to wait another 1.5 years until I was done with school to get another car, but have you ever hated your car before..? I grow frustrated with the wait.

    I spent the weekend looking online for a subaru legacy/outback or a jeep liberty that I could afford and had 4wd.

    Found a 2000 subaru outback sedan. Black leather/heated seats, sunroof, very nice vehicle. 2 owner. $5000 with 116k.

    Should I go for it? Should I wait? What would you do? Have you ever hated a car before? What did you do? How long did you wait to get rid of it? I anticipate stories/advice.
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