I hate to do this - but I am giving very serious thought to putting this Forum (and possibly EPautos main page, too) on a subscription-only basis. Meaning, people would need to pay a small amount ($10 a month, say) to be able to view all the content and post.

I'd much rather we could subsist on advertising or voluntary contributions - or some combination of the two. The problem is that Google has made it all-but-impossible to earn any money via advertising and - on the other side of the dial - notwithstanding that we have tens of thousands of people viewing the site every month, only a very small percentage have been willing to toss us a few bucks.

Because it's available "free."

The problem is it's not "free" for me. It takes work - and money - to produce the site's content and to maintain that content. Our servers alone cost us a couple hundred bucks a month.

So, I wanted to let you all know what I'm considering, because the current situation's not viable.

If we can get enough people to toss in it might not be necessary to go the subscription-only route.

But something's got to give.