Well as those who have read my last couple posts know, I bought a Honda Helix after not riding for 4 years back on March 24th, and got my first ride in on March 27th after replacing the battery. I rode it about a total of 25 miles, a little each day up to April 1st. On that day I finally got it legal with my plates in my name & insurance on it. Then we had rain & storms for 2 days so I didn't get to ride any. Yesterday (April 4th) I took the first legal ride on it. I decided to ride it to small town about 15-20 minute drive from there each way to visit some old friends. I managed to put right about 25 miles on it today for that ride. Done a constant speed of 50-55 and got it up to 65 with not to much problem, which for only being a 234cc scooter and myself weighing 340 lbs I find it done good. It ran good and it felt wonderful to ride like that again. The only problem I encountered is that every stop light I hit I had to take my hands off the handlebars and get feeling back in them, as the neuropathy in my hands kept causing my hands to go numB, especially my right hand. The only other thing I had to get used to today was the wind, especially when going on the side of a semi on the highway. I truly was not used to it, so I was a little cautious to make sure I did not lay it down.