New York wants smokers to quit and uses punitive taxation to achieve that end. Numerous government programs, however, rely on revenues generated from cigarette sales and would like to see them increase. Smokers have had their fill of being caught in the squeeze and are becoming downright defiant. Politicians, in turn, are having hissy fit. Reality has hit them squarely in the nose and they're in denial. Instead of reexamining failed policy they're reacting tyrannically. They won't back down. Things have gone full retard. It seems that while operating in their usual mode of insatiable greed, power lust, and economic ignorance, government deciders assumed that simply turning the cigarette tax valve two full turns to the left would once again increase the flow of the productive sectors resources which would then, in turn, be diverted into the irrigation ditches used to nurture their favorite pork laden projects. Easy as pie, so they thought. That flow is fed, of course, by countless rivulets originating in the melting pockets of cigarette smokers. That strategy has always worked in the past so why wouldn't it work this time around? Officials were at first surprised and then enraged when exactly the opposite thing happened--the flow decreased. Cigarette smokers, many merchants, and a lot of other people sensing a huge profit potential have simply ignored the latest round of tax increases and gone around them. They're defying politicians in individual and organized acts quiet rebellion called smuggling and dealing with black market sources. They're giving government the finger. Needless to say, praetorian enforcement squads have been ordered to show no mercy as they sweep the streets and shops in search of violators. "We mean business. We will be obeyed or else!", government officials rage. Fines of $600 and possible criminal penalties have been imposed for each carton of cigarettes found lacking the right stamps. The problem stems from political-economic ends that are contradictory and unachievable. Government wants to reduce unhealthy habits that it also desperately relies upon to fund numerous programs. This is catch 22 in a pure form. Apparently, the governments rationale is that if smokers are financially bled to the point of near death they might choose to quit reducing health care costs. Smokers, on the other hand, don't appreciate being forced into poverty by elite phonies claiming to be working for the greater good of society. Things are getting real interesting. When acting to allegedly uplift society (while siphoning off as many of its resources as they can get away with) a gentle form of persuasion is sometimes employed by members of the praetorian enforcement class. The method is called thug-swarm, a term coined by William Grigg that accurately describes the process of forcing a harmless uncooperative individual into a state of painful humiliating submission or far worse. In terms of grace, agility, and speed it's exactly the opposite of the hunting technique regularly used by members of the cat family. It's really more of an giant amoebic engulfment process that once attached to the exterior tissue of the unfortunate target forces it downward with irresistible tonnage while also choking off the air supply at the same time. If you think it's a painful thing to watch just imagine what the hapless prey must feel like being simultaneously crushed and strangled.