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    99 Jeep Drive Line

    A little story for you guys. Ain't over yet.

    I will start from the beginning.

    We purchased this 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Limited (always 4WD, no 2WD selection) used a little less than a year ago.

    Shortly after, it started to made a lot of weird noises. Was drive line problems. Spent well over a thousand bucks to get it fixed at a drive line shop in Sparks, NV. All the drive line stuff was replaced. The shop was This one.

    They have a one year warranty which is still good for a couple of months.

    A couple of days ago, Tom and I drove our 1999 jeep Cherokee Laredo Limited from Reno to here in South San Francisco. Since we purchased this Jeep, we probably put less than a thousand miles on it (I own 11 motor vehicles , which are kept at any of my three homes--and so it takes time to get a lot of miles on any of them).

    At around 70 MPH on the way here to SSF, CA from Reno, NV, it seemed like I got a flat around 50 miles east of here. Vibrations much like a flat tire. Stopped and checked. Tires were all okay, but the noise still there when it was driven. Continued driving the last 60 miles or so with the noise.

    It seemed the noise was coming from the transfer case, which it was.

    So today, we took this Jeep to a local tranny place to see exactly what the problem is.

    They put the Jeep on a rack while we were there. The mechanic started the engine and put it in gear while on the rack and heard the same noise. Then he removed the front drive shaft from the transfer case. Inside the bell cover on the shaft, the gear was broken.

    Okay, but why it was broken was the more interesting part.

    There was NEVER a drop of grease in there. The seal was good, so no grease melted or leaked out. Seems like the shop forgot the grease. As dry and clean as could be.

    I will call the drive line shop in Reno tomorrow and see if I can get them to ship a new front shaft to the tranny shop here in SSF.

    I wonder what I should expect? I will probably have to pay for the shipping and labor or whatever. Anyway, what is the most likely outcome that I can expect tomorrow when I call the drive line shop in Sparks, NV?

    -Don- SSF, CA
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