Here's a nice little video making the rounds online:

Observe the Hero (as we're constantly told they are) driving at least 85 MPH - the car pacing him is going that fast and can't catch up. In many states, anything over 80 MPH - anywhere - is statutory "reckless" driving. The offender is subject to immediate arrest (at the cop's discretion), his vehicle to impoundment. If charged, he faces a mandatory court appearance, the probable loss of his driving "privileges" - and the certainty (upon conviction) of doubled or tripled insurance premiums for the next five years at least.
But when you're a cop, you get to drive "recklessly" with legal impunity.
Just as - when you're a cop - you get to raise your weapon at people with legal impunity. See what happens when an ordinary citizen fires a gun in a public area where innocent bystanders might get hit.
See what happens when a cop does the same.
The cop in this video also likes to tailgate - an act that is reckless, as well as illegal.
He closes at high speed, then bears down on the driver in the small black car, his cruiser less than a car length off its bumper. If the car ahead needed to brake suddenly, the cop would absolutely have piled into it. Reckless driving. The real thing (unlike the statutory nonsense about anything faster than 80 MPH).
But they do it because they can. Because they are an entitled - and protected - class. There is a saying:
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Who watches the watchmen?
And the answer, of course, is... no one. Hence the problem. The double standards, the hypocrisy. Which inevitably leads to abuse, to cynicism - on their part as well as our part.
It is a near certainty that this cop has issued numerous "reckless" driving cites to ordinary citizens for driving at speeds lower than he was driving in this video. And it does not take a seer with the powers of Nostradamus to make a prophecy about what would happen to a mere citizen driver who charged up behind a cop at 90 MPH and then rode his ass as in the video.
Cops wonder why they are despised by more and more people. They apparently do not grok that most people despise hypocrites, loathe bullies. And all too many cops are both.
Here's another one, caught en flagrante delicto:

Note the cop's anger at being chastised for "speeding." He does not deny that he was in fact "speeding." He feels - he says out loud - that because he is a cop he is entitled to "speed."
Ecce homo!
Behold the man.
But, they are after all "just doing their jobs" - and that is the deeper problem.
Take away the structure - the laws and courts that empower him - and what are you left with? Typically, a very average to sub-average individual. The ordinary/everyday cop is - by himself - not particularly impressive, intellectually or physically - and usually far from heroic. Like hyenas, they are aggressive in packs - but timid and retiring on their own. Consider the Before and After photos most of us are familiar with from the Nuremburg Trails. Dressed in his snappy uniform as an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer, Adolf Eichmann looked cocky and fearsome. But in civvies, he - and the rest of them - looked like what they actually were. Bureaucrats. Mediocre people made monstrous by the trappings of state power.
The solution, then, is not to "reform" the police.
It is to reform the laws.
Eliminate laws that endow people in uniforms with the legal power to point guns at people absent presentable, tangible evidence of an actual harm caused to a flesh and blood victim.
Dispense with "statutory" laws that manufacture "offenses" against a fiction - this thing called the state. It does not exist. It is not a living thing. It therefore has no rights - only actual living beings have those. "The state" is a rhetorical sleight of hand. A means by which some people arrogate power unto themselves - and the means by which they fool other people into accepting this lording over them as right and proper.
It is very, very wrong.
Expose the myth of authority - and you have delegitimized probably two-thirds of the daily activities of modern law enforcement. In which case, we revert back to peace officers - if we have need of "officers" at all. The majority of us (being peaceful, not causing harm to others) would - once again - be free to go about our lives.
The cop in that video clearly felt competent to drive 90 MPH - and possibly, he was. The Interstate system was, after all, designed for average speeds in the 70-75 MPH range... back in the late 1950s. It is almost 70 years down the road from that. Is it unreasonable to suggest that, just maybe, it's ok to drive 80 or even 90 today, given that modern cars are probably "safer" at 80 or 90 than a circa late-1950s car was at 70?
Why not go deep and just leave people free to drive at speeds they deem reasonable and prudent? Montana did exactly that for many years and it seemed to work just fine - because most people are (wait for it) reasonable and prudent and will drive within their own limits, without the cudgel of "the law" usurping their own judgment and replacing it with someone else's.
It is not the cop's "speeding" that grates. It is the hypocrisy.
And - necessarily - the tyranny that is necessarily manufactured when hypocrites are given authority.
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