My car is a '98 Oldsmobile intrigue. I bought it for about $3000 maybe back in 2005 or 2006 at about 90K miles.(at 160k now) 195HP, 220 Torque. I think because I bought it undermarket value, Uncle taxed it at $5k. Getting rid of it because it has developed severe rust issues underneath which begs me to get something newer.

Anyway, I am looking to get a new or used car with a manual transmission (MT). However, I am new to a MT. I like the romantics of being one with the car. My only experience with a MT was back in 2008 at work I had to drive a Nissan Truck around a track for a few days for what I think was testing the wheel bearings. Vehicle I researched spanned from VW Golf/GTI/TDI, Mustang, BRZ, WRX, Miata, JUKE...

My biggest question is if I will be able to feel or appreciate the driving dynamics of a Miata or BRZ for example. The obvious answer to this is test drive it dummy! But I don't know ow willing a dealer would an MT newb take a vehicle out. Will I take it to a track? Probably not. Looked into it and the prices are outrageous at least in NJ, if they allow you at all. I also tend to honor posted speed limits, though I do like accelerating off of a stoplight on a highway and take corners fast. All of this I do with my Intrigue. I never put the pedal to the floor though, and I am still the first out of the stoplight. I never floor it to pass someone on the highway.

However, given that I got 10 years out of a $3000 car which ended up being very reliable for me, I am uneasy about dropping 20-30 grand on something new for no reason other than, hey I got a new job.