The country depends on migrants ("Backpackers") to pick their fruit. Previously there was a floor on the employment tax of $18,200 AUD, and few of them made that much, meaning their earnings were untaxed. Which, given that that level of earnings is basically poverty level, isn't unreasonable.

This was offensive to the politicians in Canberra, who initially wanted a 32.5% tax starting from the first dollar earned.

After farmers protested, the government revised it to 19%. But then Labour proposed 10.5%, and everyone compromised on 15%.

So their labor is now 15% more expensive. Some of them will avoid returning to the country as a result. And those that do return next picking season will want more money to compensate.

Brilliant move, guys. You should look up the meaning of "Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs".

Chip H.