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If you have a GOOD spark then it is, as far as I am aware, not going to be a faulty CPS.
(It is possible to have a spark indicated by a timing light when the spark is too weak to
ignite fuel under full cylinder pressure. Have you checked to see if the plugs are wet
after cranking? That might show fuel is getting through.)

It could be a blocked filter - quite likely if you had uploaded a
tank of contaminated fuel.

It could be a fuel pump problem.

It could be stuck injectors - unlikely for all to stick though.

It could be the ECU.

I guess it is just going to be a process of elimination, Don.

I understand how a flaky CPS could cause an intermittent spark or no spark at all, but I don't see how it could cause a weak spark. I mean it's either going to trigger the spark or it is not, but not how strong the spark itself will be no matter what is wrong with it.

But no, I have not yet took out a spark plug to take a look. But I will, if I don't get the engine running by then, or find a bad fuel pump or something like that.

I can tell you for sure that all six cylinders are not running as I cannot even get a slight pop when I crank. It could be none of the injectors have voltage, that is anther thing I have not yet checked.

When I get back to the Reno home, the first thing I will do is look through the shop manual because it is very difficult to find anything under the hood. I cannot even see where the fuel gets to the fuel rail and I don't even know where the fuel filter is located. Also, I need to find a valve to check the fuel pressure.

-Don- Auburn, CA