1999 Ford Mustang 6 cyc. 3.8L

Until two hours ago, I have not even tried to start this engine for almost a year. It ran fine back then. This car has been sitting in the garage all this time. Battery well maintained, so it cranks very normal.

But the engine now does not have even the slightest indication of starting. It's just as if there was no ignition at all. No pops, no backfiring, no anything, just very smooth cranking at a good cranking speed. And I have tried to start it many times in the last couple of hours, with some waiting after a lot of cranking (I don't want to burn out the starter motor!).

I have NOT yet done ANY troubleshooting.

But I am curious, what is the most likely problem based on the info. I mentioned here?

I will do the troubleshooting later. Right now, I just want to hear some guesses of what I should expect to find.

-Don- Reno, NV