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    My newest toy is a . . . .

    Zero DS ZF 6.5.

    Now I own a bike for every day of the week. And one more. We now need an 8 day week!

    I am the original owner of:

    1971 Black BMW R75/5
    1984 Red (fastest color)Yamaha Venture
    2002 Yellow Suzuki DR200SE
    2013 Blue Triumph Trophy SE
    2016 Orange/Black Kawasaki Versys 650 LT
    2016 Orange Moto Guzzi Stelvio
    2017 Orange/Black Zero DS ZF 6.5
    2017 Red Zero SR 13.0 with Pwr Tank.

    What a fun bike it is. So different. No noise, no clutch, no gears and tons of hill climbing power. Up hill or level ground, cannot even tell any difference. The most fun bike I have ever ridden by far, but I consider it a toy, not for anything real serious. But it charges with a 120 VAC AC cord so it can be charged just about anywhere, but takes time.

    The phony gas tank is mostly usable storage space under a key lock. Also, there is some storage space on the right side of the bike.

    The out the door price on this bike was $13,041.24 (in Reno) for lic, sales tax and all those countless fees.

    Here are the specs on the bike. Notice opposite of gas vehicles, best range in the stop and go city traffic. 81 in the city, only 41 miles on the freeway at 70 MPH. Bike will go 90 MPH and I think it can even climb a hill at that speed. Sure feels like it can. More than enough to go between my two Reno houses and back (16 miles each way).

    It has three power modes: Economy, Custom and Sport. I find the economy mode is more than fast and powerful enough.

    Here is a photo of my newest new toy:

    -Don- Auburn, CA
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