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Thread: Gone fishing.

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    Gone fishing.

    Old Bob liked to fish. He heard about a good spot that was stocked years ago but the owner didn't let people fish there. After the owner passed away, his son decided to let folks fish by a lottery. Only 5 people would be invited. Old Bob got one of the slots. He had one week to fish when ever he wanted. He loaded up his gear and went to work Wednesday and went fishing after work. Thinking about it, he realized he never told his wife he was going to go fishing. He pulled out his cell phone but no bars. With no signal, he can't call his wife. Oh well, he was catching lots of fish and some were HUGE.

    Early Sunday afternoon, he rolled into his driveway. His wife barreled out of the house, demanding to know where he had been. He told her, but instead of calming down, she got even madder. At full volume, she demanded "How would you like it if you didn't see ME for four days?" He thought about it a minute and then said "Why Hon, I think I'd like that just fine."

    The rest of the day, he didn't see her. Monday, he didn't see her. Tuesday, he didn't see her. Wednesday, out of the corner of his eye he could just make out her face as the swelling started to go down.
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