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Thread: No more Ford cars.

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    No more Ford cars.

    At least, not in the U.S. I'll bet Henry is rolling in his grave. Ford is dropping sales of cars in the U.S. with the exception of the Mustang and a little econobox hybrid. They have made some poor decisions in the last few years and time will tell if this is one of them. The Ford Taurus was a cash cow and it was dropped to be replaced by the Fusion. The name came back but the car it was on was forgettable.

    With fuel prices creeping back up, one has to wonder how long the F-150 will stay a huge, powerful truck for nothing ore than driving around. I have an older one but it's only used to haul things.
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    Bold or reckless? With only the 300/Charger & Challenger left Chrysler seems to have arrived at the same conclusion. Looks like SUVs, crossovers & trucks are where the money is nowadays.

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