I'm going to get a little political here. A friend and his wife have a small farm. They deal is specialty foods. All organic. Instead of herbicide they rely on things like a "Go Dig" to uproot and clear weeds. They aren't making a lot of money but since he started this a few years back, they are both happier,have no debt and are just pleasant people to be around. I was up there over the weekend and he was in a bad mood which is unusual for him.

It seems new FDA rules may mess with his business. His goat milk doesn't bring a lot of cash in but it brings some. The FDA is looking to do away with words like "Soymilk", Almond Milk" and so on. If it doesn't come from a cow, it isn't milk. He said the requirement is it has to come from "a bovine mammal". Goat are not cows. If it passes, he won't be able to sell goat milk as milk. I thought Hillary lost the election.