Several days ago, 7 riders were run down by a truck driver who should not have been on the road. When I saw his picture, I recognized him. I work on a shipping dock and have to deal with a LOT of truck drivers, many of whom don't speak English. Mostly Eastern European. Most of them are Russian. Now, before you think I don't like Russian drivers, we get some that impress me with their driving skills. they can make a truck dance and slip it into the dock with no fuss. Then there are the ones who want to argue. Things like "Why do you need to know my load number?" "We load 60 or more trucks a day, which one are you getting?" Many of them try to bull their way through and get their way. I've broken them of cussing me out in Russian as I've learned to cuss right back.

Anyway, back to the driver who killed 7 Marine veterans and their spouses. He should have had his license pulled a long time ago. He loaded at our plant not too long ago.