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    Last one.

    I just found out the last local auto parts store is closing. It's not easy to find and has mainly catered to the race teams around here but had good prices and was locally owned. His last day will be next Saturday. The owner is retiring and it's just to hard to stay in business. Between online stores like Amazon and Summit, and local national chains like AutoZone and the others, The race teams have been buying online with next day shipping. Near my house, AutoZone, O'Rielly's and Advance all have stores in a few blocks on one street. I've noticed also that the national chains are raising prices now. Case in point, the water pump on my 2004 Impala with the 3.8 engine blew a water pump. I ended up buying one off Ebay for $21. At Autozone, a water pump will run $40 to $140. None in stock though. The 3.8 was used for years and there are a blue million on the road. Recently the CB radio we use at work died. I had an old one I was going to take into work. It needed a power plug for the cigarette lighter. I popped into all three stores to pick one up. No luck. AutoZone and O'Rielly's don't carry them any more. Advance had a place on the shelf, but it was empty and the clerk said the company wasn't replenishing stock.

    I've always tried to buy local, even if it costs a little more both to keep the local places in business and for returns if there was a problem. It looks like Ebay is my new store. The pump was ordered Wednesday and got here today. For a spare car, that's plenty fast.
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