Hurricane Dorian hammered the Bahamas. I live just south of Tornado Alley and know what an F4 tornado can do. Those are usually 50-100 yards wide. Hurricane Dorian had higher winds than an F4, and stayed there for hours, instead of in and out. Not to mention it was 100 MILEs, not yards wide. Dorian is still a Hurricane and heading towards Canada. I wonder how long the low pressure system it will be after it gets away from the warm gulf water, will last. Maybe Greenland, Iceland or even the British Isles will get a little of it.

Now for the AttaBoy. Normally, when I hear about a "Florida Man", it's someone adding chlorine to the gene pool. Not this time. A Florida farmer who wants to remain anonymous spent nearly $50,000 on mostly generators along with some food products to be sent via a boat Captain he know. They sure need them there. I hope he at least gets a decent tax write off. He's certainly got some good Karma building up.

To him, I'd like to offer an AttaBoy and a pat on the back.