Breaking - and good, for once - news!
The armed government worker who shot a man to death for the "crime" of being in his own apartment and not reacting with sufficient submissiveness when the AGW broke into his apartment has been found guilty of a criminal act.
Of murder, even!

A Texas jury did not buy the ridiculous sob story presented by Amber Guyger, the now-ex AGW, that she was justified in ventilating Botham Jean - her next door neighbor - because Jean did not respond "appropriately" to her barked orders.
Guyger claimed she was so tired the night she executed Botham that she didn't realize she was entering his apartment and not hers. Somehow, she didn't notice that all the furniture had been changed - probably because she had been "trained" to shoot first and think later.
Jean was understandably startled by the sudden presence of an armed and belligerent intruder in his apartment - and within seconds, was also dead. In part because of Guyer's trigger-happiness but also because of Guyer's indifference.
Instead of immediately rendering aid, she immediately texted her her partner to let him know she "fucked up."
Guyger attempted to excuses herself from responsibility for entering someone else's apartment, almost immediately drawing a gun and shooting the legal resident of that apartment by gaslighting Jean - for having the gall to not go immediately supine before the presence of Guyger, one of the government's anointed.

Her notion - and that of her legal team and of AGWs generally - is that AGWs are special, a kind of praetorian class entitled to limitless deference and to do things, even murderous things, that the rest of us may not do. The courts have even amen'd this. There is a doctrine called the "good faith" rule which grants AGWs an exemption from consequences if they claim - and it is believed - that they acted in "good faith" when they do something illegal.
Such as Hut! Hut! Hut! the wrong home, for instance.
Or obtain evidence on non-lawful pretexts; the evidence still used against the victim of the unlawful act.
Thankfully - for once - the jury didn't buy it.
Probably in part because this AGW happened to be white and her victim happened to be black and so it fits a PC narrative about certain lives mattering. Implicit in this doctrine is that other lives don't or not as much. This is of course both despicable as well as nonsensical.
Ask the widow of Daniel Shaver.
The issue is that our lives don't matter. To them. The "safety" of these neurasthenic-psychotic poltroons in blue matters not only more but exclusively. This is an interesting position for "heroes" to take. Aren't "heroes" supposed to be people who put their own safety at risk for the sake of the safety of other people?
Never mind.
The sick - and sad - part is that Guyger herself has yet to own up to her murderous act - evidence of her narcissism and even psychosis.
She broke into someone else's home - whether she "realized" it or not - and almost immediately drew a gun on the person who who had a right to be there, while she had no right whatsoever to be there. And shot an innocent man to death in cold blood in his own home.
A person with any moral sense would not merely cry - as Guyger did on the stand - but admit she killed an innocent man and own responsibility for her actions.
AGWs like Guyger always want the Blue Discount.
This time, at least, she didn't get it.
Unfortunately, the settlement money Jean's family is now certain to get will not come out of Guyger's pockets. It will come out of the pockets of Dallas taxpayers. This is itself a crime.
When something like this happens, the person responsible - Guyger, in this case - should be held personally responsible. Every cent of the settlement should come out of her pocket - or be derived from the liquidation of her assets.
And if she has no assets to liquidate, then this horrid person should be indentured to Jean's family for however many years it takes to work of what she owes.
After she serves the 25 to life in prison she will hopefully receive first.
. . .
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