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    New addition to the garage.

    I did something I haven't done in 30 years the other day. I bought a car on payments. The last one was a '93 Dodge Dakota. I'm just tired of working on my cars all the time. The nanny systems aren't too intrusive, although the blind spot warning will get old quick. The back up camera I've found is handy for parallel parking. (Yes, I know how to do that.)

    Consumer reports gave my car high marks and it drives nice and gets decent fuel economy. I didn't really need AWD, but it was all they had. One thing I was NOT going to get was a white or silver car. The car companies love those two colors and push them as they are cheap. A small scratch on the production line is easily fixed. The cars also disappear on a rainy day in the road spray. I wanted a red car and by golly, I got one. My sister gave me a ride to pick it up and was rather startled to see me in a shiny red car. I've always dressed for comfort than style and drove cars that were all sorts of drab colors. Last year, I was offered a warm cot and hot meal at a local homeless shelter. (I did buy some newer clothes after that one.)

    Anyway, I bought a 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD Tour. Time will tell how good a car it is. The selling point was condition and the 5 star crash rating.

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