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    Nanny system shortcomings

    I got my CX-5 back today. The brakes don't grind and stop smooth. That let me take the Mazda 3 back. Good riddance. It was a nice enough car, but too low and cramped for me. The CX-5 just fits me better. The 5 has some nanny systems, but I can live with them. The back up camera is a help when parallel parking and the blind spot monitor is annoying, but I can live with it.

    The 5 is a 2016 but the 3 was a '19. It was WAY more sophisticated. First off, it took two days to find the cruise control button to use the cruise. Coming home from work, I tried to move around a dead skunk in the road. The car wasn't having it. First a picture of hands on a steering wheel popped up on the dash, then beeping, then the steering column shuddered, then it tried to steer back. I managed to avoid the skunk but it was a fight. I had figured out how to turn the automatic headlights off after they kept flashing oncoming drivers. Driving home with the cruise set, I looked down and was running 5 miles under the speed limit as the radar was reading a car ahead. Fast forward to this morning. We had a pretty nasty winter storm roll through with rain, winds, snow, sleet and dropping temperatures. The nanny systems do NOT like winter. I got out early to warm the car up and clear the windows. I never did figure out the climate control but got it working enough to clear the windows. As I pulled out, the tire indicator told me all four tires were low. Well, a drop from 50 degrees to 12 might have something to do with that.

    I will admit one thing that impressed me with the car. The all wheel drive. The roads were glare ice and just before I got to work, a semi tractor had slid down a curve and jack knifed pinning a small SUV in a ditch. I backed up and drove up an icy hill with a gentle foot on the throttle and drove around it.

    Coming home from work, the sun and road crews had pretty well cleared the pavement. The cruise control would not turn on. It worked on the way to work when the car was ice covered but I would get a message saying the safety features were disable as the radar was blocked. Later it started working. Then it quit. I stopped to get a bite to eat. I'm not sure where the magnetron for the radar is located but there;s a large plastic emblem that would be a good place and it, along with the whole front end, was clear.

    I got my car back and I'm happy again. The 3 was a bit fun to drive. The AWD system impressed me and the engine was the type to get you a ticket. The nanny systems don't like winter though.
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