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Thread: New internet challenge.

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    New internet challenge.

    I'd like to have folks here help me start a new Internet Challenge. Most of the ones I've seen are pretty silly. Tide Pod challenge? A table spoon of Cinnamon? Planking? I'm pretty sure a lot of these are started by a 45 year old man who still lives in his mothers basement.

    A local shop started doing this last Winter. They have a coat rack out front for spare coats for anybody that needs one. That's it. It's an older neighborhood and there are a lot of homeless veterans living in the area.

    Let's see about getting these going around both the country and the world to help those who barely get by. Yes, some of those coats there are ones I left. Most that were there were pretty light but I left some good warm heavy jackets. I'll bet if I go back later on this chilly Indiana Winter day, some will be gone. Better they keep someone else warm than take up space in my closet. To quote John Bradford (died 1555) "There but for the grace of God go I". Someone else will need to get it going on Fakebook as I don't go there.
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