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    Viral silliness.

    I've been hearing about this, but saw it for myself today. Went to get my weekly groceries. I eat out a lot but still keep some food in the house. The bread aisle was pretty well picked over. Peanut butter is across the aisle from it and it was picked over too. The real eye opener was the toilet paper aisle. Completely empty. Not one package. I'd been at Lowe's (a big box building supply store if you don't live in the U.S.) and a young woman was trying to put paper towels and toilet paper on the shelf. She had a pallet on a pallet jack and got about 2 packages when the vultures descended. Now, I buy a large package when I buy T.P. but I don't do it often. It lasts me about a year. At the grocery store, they had a hand written list of other places that had T.P. 14 names, but about 10 were crossed out as THEY were out too. The girl at the check out said the run really started yesterday when the school corporation announced it was closing schools for Spring break a week early and would be closed for two weeks. I guess parents were stocking up for the kids.

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