I had to go home yesterday because a woman I worked with the day before got sick. My company takes the Covid virus very seriously so I was sent home. She has the flu instead (and I got my shot last year) so I, along with 4 other people got to go back to work. However, with the time off, I saw a lot more coverage of the epidemic. It seems to be mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, so far, and concentrated between 30 and 50 degrees north longitude. Yes, air travel is spreading it world wide, but most of the spread is in that area. Then I noticed, no mention of Russia. I'm sure they have cases of it due to North Korea sending a lot of workers there to make money for the Regime. N. Korea also has a very fluid border with China. I'm concerned that Russia is having it spread and is creating a reserve of illness that will let it keep popping up around the world for a long time.