How do you get a good person to do horrible things? You make him think he is doing good things. You cheer him for doing these "good" things. Then he becomes capable of the worst things. Here is what Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzynitsyn said - which has been largely forgotten:
“To do evil a human being must first of all believe what what he is doing is good. Ideology - that is what gives devildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes so that he won’t hear reproaches but will receive praise and honors.”
Note who is being reproached - and praised - right now.
Wait and see who will be arrested tomorrow.
It is a virtue to “social distance” - and a heroic act to call armed thugs down upon those who choose not to.
What is happening has happened before. In Solzynitsyn’s Soviet Union, people eagerly arrested - and murdered - their neighbors and friends and even family members when it was asserted that those unfortunates were insufficiently virtuous. An entire country was turned into the apotheosis of evil on the basis of doing good - defined as furthering the cause of “socialism.”<
In the United States, saaaaaaaaaaafety serves the same purpose. This has been a work in progress for decades, just as it took decades for the evil virtues of Karl Marx to become the "good" of Soviet Russia. The individual is irrelevant. The collective is everything. The individual exists through the state and the state is therefore the highest good. To question the state is the greatest evil.
History does not repeat - it echoes.
In America, one cannot be too safe, ever - and everyone else had better be saaaaaaaaaaaafe, too. The slightest risk justifies the most extreme measures. Everyone must accept this - or else.
This isn’t reason. It is the rabidity of a deranged Jesuit. Without Jesus - but armed to the teeth. Kill them all; god will know his own.
Murderous virtue signaling. The cultivated hate in the name of doing good roiling in the guts of the Prius driver and helmet-wearer that urges him to shoot the SUV driver and helmet-not-wearer. They are endangering the planet! It isn't saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!
Before, he merely thought about shooting them. Now he has what he has always craved - in the form of a bug that gives him a cause.
This will give the government unlimited power - not just accepted but cheered, on the basis of doing good.
People are itching to signal their virtue because virtue - defined by government, which is just the people who control the apparatus of government - gives them the moral agency most people crave, because most people instinctively want to be good and be seen as good.
Define that good and you control them.
Pervert that and you have everything necessary to turn the United Stated into something extremely bad, like Stalin's Soviet Union.
Note that people aren't merely staying home and shuttering their businesses. They are demanding everyone stay home and shutter their businesses. To not agree that this is virtuous - we have to d this! - is to be portrayed as a very bad person indeed. And we all know what happens to bad people.
And now, it is happening. With much worse to come, probably.
Stand behind that line! Stay home! Cash must be gotten rid of as it is dirty and might spread the virus!
How dare you!
This isn’t new, either.
In the old Soviet Union, a 13-year-old boy named Pavlik Morozov was hailed as a hero for turning in his own parents to be shot by the government. His parents were resisting "de-kulakization"- Stalin's "plan" to force Russian farmers off their privately owned plots and into collective farms, confiscating everything they owned along the way. Little Pavlik denounced his parents for "hoarding" grain (so they might not starve) rather than turning it over to the Soviet authorities (who exported it to generate cash for the Soviet regime).
Millions of Russian "kulaks" starved; millions were force-marched into the camps Solzynitsyn wrote about. Millions never returned from those camps.
Because doin' good ain't got no end - as the rabid Captain "Red Legs" said in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Morozov, who was justifiably torn to pieces by enraged townsfolk, was turned into a martyr and object of worship by the Soviet government for his act of virtue signaling. Statues were erected to him.
People were expected to take off their caps when they passed by.
The kid wasn’t evil, though. He served evil - because he was convinced he was doing good, as good was defined in a society gone psychotic. Doing that kind of good turned an entire country into an abattoir.
How long will it be before statues are erected to such “heroes” here?
Americans already worship them. Not the brave individuals who risked their lives by standing up to tyranny. Armed government workers - who enforce it. And there is nothing more virtuous in the land of the unfree and formerly brave than to submit and obey.
And - soon - to Pavel Morozov anyone who doesn't.
. . .
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