Everybody wants stuff cheap and it bit them on the butt when China locked down. All those parts made cheap didn't get made when everybody there had to stay home. The parts aren't really that good either.

I've got an old truck I dug out of a barn. It's coming together pretty well and runs great. 3 inch exhaust and a muffler that is really just a wide spot in the pipe and even this partly deaf guys likes the sound. One headlight was out but no big deal. I bought two and swapped them both out. I also got in the dash and replaced the dead radio and did some other work. I put everything back together and thought I'd see what the lights do. No headlights!!!!! I jiggled the plug on one and it came on and went off. If it's plugged just right, it works. The high beam works fine. The other light had a sharp edge on the glass that split my finger to the meat. It wouldn't work on high or low beam. I took it back and got another one and it works like the left one. I jiggled it until it started working on low beam. I've always had good luck with Sylvania headlights but I doubt I'll buy any more. I'm just glad I went with the cheaper Xtravision and not the more expensive SilverStar bulbs.

I put rear shocks on the truck and the Chinesium nuts stripped inside. I can't tighten one and it won't bite enough to come off. I'd buy American, if I could find it.