Will you Moooo like a good Corona Cow when the ranchers who are "the government" decree that businesses may reopen provided the workers - and customers - mask up?
The ranchers have already decreed masks mandatory in several states and - weirdly - more people seem to be wearing masks even though not yet mandated in other areas. Which is weird given that by now it is obvious - or ought to be - that WuFlu is a much greater threat to our liberty than our health.
Except for a few concentrated areas of population - and stupidity - such as New York, where Rancher Cuomo ordered oldsters with WuFlu to be housed with other oldsters in nursing homes, assuring lots of oldsters would die from WuFlu - the number of people who've died from WuFlu is so low it would have gone unnoticed in normal times.
In Virginia, for instance, fewer than 500 over the past four months. This in a state with a population of nearly nine million people. The hospitals in Virginia and many other states are dying . . . for customers. They are going broke from lack of patients - and billing. See, for example, this plea to Rancher Coonman from the Virginia Hospital and Health Care Association, which speaks for 125,000 people employed by Virginia hospitals. They beg the Coonman to allow - such servile, despicable verbiage - hospitals to resume treating other than the Corona'd, of which there are far too few.
Beds are empty; thousands of surplus respirators collecting dust - while people without Corona wait to get a date for their knee surgeries and so on, which have been put on indefinite hold by the Coonman.
A thoughtful brain might ask: If the hospitals aren't "overwhelmed" with the Corona'd - as was promised in the direst manner imaginable by the Coonman and the "experts," including the Billy Kristol of epidemiology, Dr. Fauci - then why are more people joining the masked herd?
People not wearing masks a month ago are now wearing them - even though they haven't yet been ordered to wear them.
In part, because more and more businesses appear to be anticipating the order to insist on mask-wearing as a condition of being allowed to "reopen" - oh, thank you, massa! - and are being "proactive." They understandably do not want to go broke, though that is probably already inevitable for the majority of them. And they intuit that "reopening" will be conditional on their compliance with Sickness Pantomime . . . in the form of must-wear-masking.
This, in turn, applies pressure on customers to mask-wear, in order to be allowed - that vile word, again - to shop. To get food.
This is how the ranchers are conditioning the head-bowed, mooing servility of the cattle - who after all, need to eat.
Most people will do as they are told, even when they shouldn't - out of mortal terror of . . . raising a stink. Americans have been conditioned to such a state of passive poltroonery that is almost impossible to accept it as fact. And yet, look around.
If authority - even just the authority of the door minder at a big box store - says boo, most of them say mooo!
Stand there! Wait here! Walk in between the taped lines!
What degradation imposed as a condition of being allowed to live will they not accept?
Mask wearing means accepting the lie that WuFlu means death - as Rancher Cuomo says it does. Except it doesn't - even in the hottest of WuFlu spots. Most - more than 99.5 percent - of the nearly 10 million people who live there haven't died, although their lives have been taken away.
Accepting the lie that WuFlu equals death rather than a bad cold for some and not even symptoms for most (85 percent of "cases" are asymptomatic, according to Rancher Fauci himself) means accepting that dressing up like Michael Jackson is reasonable, sane - and vitally necessary.
For WuFlu - for any flu.
Forever, probably.
Well, until a vaccine is available - courtesy of Rancher Gates - which everyone will be forced to submit to as a condition of being allowed to live - allowed to buy food - on the same basis as mandatory mask-wearing.
Which is why - if it is allowed to get any traction - mask wearing will be the death of the mask-wearers' freedom to say no to anything the ranchers demand of them in order to be allowed to live. But not just their freedom - which would be ok, if that's the way they like it.
In a free country, people have the right to live as quavering poltroons - as gimps in old crates, if they wish. They have every right to be free to submit to mask-wearing, ear tagging and anything else that eases their anxieties.
BDSM - golden showers, even - is every free person's right.
The outrage - which must be fought, ferociously, before it becomes the "new normal" - is permitting these poltroons, addled by Sickness Psychosis - to rescind our freedom for the sake of their anxieties.
To force us, via the rip-tide effect, to play Sickness Kabuki, too.
At all costs - fines, arrest even - do not wear the Fear Mask. And thank every person you see who isn't wearing one, for not wearing one.
Unless you don't mind being required to wear one - and more to come.
. . .
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