You get pushed enough, eventually you push back. Wear a seatbelt. Wear a helmet. Wear a mask.
It is enough.
A Solzhenitsyn Moment descends when people finally realize they have nothing left to lose - except their chains.
And much to regain.
The Mask Mandate - gradually congealing here, already imposed there - is a mandate too far. Bad enough to be denied the freedom to do as you like inside your own damn car, when the doing harms no other person. And the same when on your bike, when he doing harms the person on the bike - who is denied the freedom to feel the sun on his face and the wind in his hair as well as forced to have his visual range diminished and his auditory range all-but-eliminated by an edict that he must wear a got-damned helmet or else because some control freaks are "concerned" that if he wrecks, he might get hurt.
It doesn't matter that he is arguably more likely to wreck - because of the vision-limiting helmet, which makes it harder to see things coming at the rider from the side without turning his head to look - at which point, his eyes are no longer on the road ahead.
But the point isn't even that.
It does not matter whether wearing a helmet is "safer." It may be wildly unsafe. So?
What matters - all you Karens and Kevins reading these words - is that it is not your business to impose your "concerns" about saaaaaaaaafety on other people.
You have no more right to demand that people wear a helmet, or a seatbelt - or a Fear Mask - than you have to demand that people stay out of the sun or stay home or do - or not do - anything else you don't happen to like.
You despicable busybodies - you worms - need to relearn the concept of minding your own business. And it is going to be a lesson imposed by the fists (and more) of people who have, at last, reached the limit of their willingness to put up with your kind.
You have gone too far with Fear Masking.
You have lit a fuse that is going to result in an explosion the likes of which your atrophied humanity cannot conceive because you have no humanity and do not understand what happens when bullied human beings reach their limit.
You are about to find out.
I rode my motorcycle yesterday sans the got-damned helmet - the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I rode around like this for an hour, the feelings I haven't felt in more than 25 years - the last time it was "legal" to ride a motorcycle in my state sans helmet - flooding back and rebooting my tired - but rejuvenating - soul.
I am feeling free again - because I am behaving like a free man again.
I have decided to insist on my freedom - and not just to decide for myself whether to wear a helmet or "buckle up" or wear a Fear Mask and perform Sickness Kabuki, which I refuse to do.
It is enough!
I cannot express how good it feels to ignore the Mask Mandate and march right in to a store and shop like a human being. To walk where I feel like walking, paying no more attention to taped lines on the ground than I do to "buckle up" signs on the road. To ride without the got-damned helmet.
I had forgotten how diminished life is because of Karens and Kevins. How each year, it gets a little worse, a bit more insufferable. More rules, more fines. And now taped lines - Cattle Chuting and Fear Masking.
It is enough!
I rode with a smile, laughing into the breeze - almost wanting to be confronted by one of your attack dogs - the armed government workers you poltroons rely upon to enforce your "concerns." If confronted, there would have been no contrition. I might not even have stopped.
Why in the world should I, as a moral matter? Who are these thugs - just the right word - to swing in behind me, order me to halt and accost me with a gun and and extortion notes demanding the payment of money?
For what?
Because some Karen or Kevin is "concerned" I might scuff my own got-damned noggin?
Piss off, you costumed cretin. Your legitimacy isn't showing. People - good people, just wanting to live their lives - weary of being treated like criminals by criminals.
These AGWs are soon going to understand the fear they have been imposing on the population, which rounds upon them even now. It is medicine much needed to restore the health of this society.
And when they have been schooled, the Karens and Kevins will be alone. Their "concerns" - if they dare to express them again - will have consequences.
It has been a long time coming.
And it is about got-damned time.
. . .
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