It’s going to take a whole lot of ether in the carburetor to restart the car business once the economy “reopens” (neat term, that; it conveys the horrid truth that government has successfully asserted - because people have accepted it - full Decider power to tell us whether and when we may live our economic lives - at its arbitrary whim.)
There is already talk of Cash for Clunkers II - though it probably won’t be cash, as part of the Plandemic’s goals, in addition to Advanced Servility Training, is to eliminate cash in the name of hygiene.
But actually for the sake of eliminating anonymity - and enforcing control.
Every transaction you make - every cup of coffee you buy - will be known immediately to them. Data about your buying habits will be compiled, sold . . . and used to make sure you neither pay for nor are paid for any work that is not fully taxed.
Also that everything you do is approved.
Anything you do that isn’t will be dealt with by throttling your ability to buy and sell. It’ll be like a credit card except one with a real-time-adjustable credit line - adjusted at the pleasure of the government, whenever you incur its displeasure.
Another coming nudge - which will be more like a shove this time - will be in the direction of electric cars, the non-electrics to be characterized as the “clunkers” of 2020 and anathematized in the same manner as walking around in public without a Fear Mask.
You have no right to get me sick! . . . screech the deranged.
You have no right to hurt my environment! . . . screech the deranged.
The difference then vs. now is that a virtue-signaling person afflicted with anxiety disorder about the "climate" could not force you to share his anxiety - or drive a Tesla. But if you can be forced to wear a Fear Mask - because "someone" might get sick - then why shouldn't you be forced to drive an EV - because the "climate" might be in "crisis"?
One neurosis is as good as another.
Electrics have been off the radar scope for the past couple of months while the population has been adjusting to the “new normal” of not being allowed to do anything without the government’s permission.
But - cue Arnold Voice - they’ll be back.
Because they've already been mandated.
"Zero emissions" edicts that only EVs can meet, despite the production of lots of emissions, elsewhere. Federal mileage mandates that can't be met without making lots of EVs, which plump up the "fleet averages." One 30 MPG non-EV plus one 120 "MPGe" EV divided by two equals compliance with the current 35.5 MPG mandatory MPG minimums.
Worse, the industry committed to building millions of EVs, the pre-Corona virtue-signaling equivalent of Fear Masking now.
All that's needed is a new mandate.
Which is inevitable, because there's even less market for electric cars post-Corona than there was pre-Corona. Most people couldn't afford an EV four months ago, when they had a job. Now that 33 million of them don't, even fewer will.
Hence the need for "stimulus," as it will be styled.
Which will probably work two ways.
The first way will be the resurrection and increase of wealth transfers - styled "tax credits" - from those who don't drive EVs to those who do. These had been on the way out, pre-Corona - and the deprivation of this manna had already been "flattening the curve" of EV sales, before Sickness Psychosis became a thing.
EV sales will be hugely stimulated by these direct payouts. It may not even be necessary to give people money to buy an EV but only to rent them. The government could issue Transportation Allowances - your EBT ticket to ride, so to speak. Broke people who can't afford to keep the car they have or even put gas in the tank will likely snap up their "free" rides, since it's preferable to walking.
Especially if other people are paying. Socialism is weaponized envy; the sufferer does not realize he is being sucked dry even as he demands others be sucked dry.
The second way will be to make non-EV owning and driving more expensive, as by the imposition of "polluter" fees and much higher gas prices, which are coming as certainly as the tide when it draws back during the first phase of a tsunami.
But most of all, weaponized fear will be used to get people into EVs - and out of non-EVs.
Fear of getting sick has kept people at home, kept businesses closed - and conditioned people to adopt the manner and appearance of mentally ill people. Who would have believed, just three months ago, that every other person you saw in public would be wearing a Michael Jackson mask and gloves?
Is it a stretch to suggest that such fear - so effectively used once - will not be used again?
It serves the same grand agenda.
Keep 'em scared, keep 'em broke - and you keep 'em under control.
. . .
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