Something wicked this way comes.
Only wicked can explain the announcement today by the Coonman - Virginia Governor Ralph Northam - that all Virginians over 10 will wear the Fear Mask pretty much everywhere after this Friday.
Or else.
Gesundheitsfuhrers - health police - will do the enforcing, handing out misdemeanor fines and presumably Hut! Hut! Huts! to the noncompliant.
Wicked because on the same day as the Coonman announced his decree, the CDC - the "science" we're all supposed to "listen" to - told us that it had revised the mortality rate for WuFlu down to less than half of one percent.
Consider the juxtaposition.
Two months ago, when it was asserted - and there was perhaps reason to fear (because the "science" said so) that millions of people were soon to die from WuFlu (because we had no facts to the contrary) it might have been reasonable to put on a surgical mask as a just-in-case and play Michael Jackson - leaving aside the fact (the science) that surgical masks are not fine enough to thwart a virus from being inhaled and (logic) if you haven't got a virus, then wearing a surgical mask is to be Michael Jackson - i.e., a neurotic freak in need of therapy.
Well, it's now two months later and we have the facts.
WuFlu has a mortality rate comparable to that of a bad seasonal flu - not the Black Death.
It isn't even a threat of sickness to most - in terms of symptoms, which (per CDC, the "science") more than 80- percent of the "cases" (i.e., tested positive for WuFlu) never develop and death to a less-than-whole-numbers percent of the populace.
The very old and the very already sick. Usually some combination of the two.
At what point does this blank check claim on the health - the peace of mind - of the 99-plus percent of the rest of us bounce?
It is apparent this is no longer about health but about maintaining and even increasing the aura of sickness - by mandating that everyone walk around like the walking dead, out of manufactured dread of becoming actually dead.
This in order to keep people terrified, isolated - and compliant - for reasons that have to do with the health of the state. With the political health of creatures such as this odious Northam person, whose posturing about caring for life is beyond sickening given his active support for post-birth abortion, among other horrors.
But it is practical.
Northam and the others of his species know that WuFlu fever - the fear of the virus - is waning. That people are wearying of being treated like suppurating lepers on account of assertions that have proved to be as false as those made about "weapons of mass destruction" almost 20 years ago.
Forced Fear Masking is theater - the exact word used by the "science," Dr. Fauci - whose every word isn't listened to by the likes of Northam when "science" conflicts with desires.
And the last thing the Coonman desires is for Virginians to take off the Fear Masks and resume normal life. For them to notice that the mortality rate out in the rest of the world isn't the same thing as the mortality rate in a nursing home - and living as if they were in a nursing home 20, 30 or 40 years before they're eligible for residence is as silly as wearing Depends 20, 30 or 40 years before they might become incontinent.
Being forced to wear Depends would be purposely degrading - the sort of thing a bully does to humiliate his victim. And that is precisely what the Coonman - who at one time seems to have taken delight in humiliating black people - intends by this. His way of saying I am in Charge of Your Life, boy. Do as I say.
Or else.
It is also political bullying.
The Coonman knows that his opponents - lots of them - aren't wearing Fear Masks and thus are annoying his supporters, who are. The non-masked have visibly separated themselves from his cringing Karen (and Kevin) political supporters .
They must be brought o heel - or at least, made indistinguishable. If everyone is masked, it appears that everyone agrees - and this manufactured crisis can be maintained. It can also be upped.
It follows, like water leaking into the basement, that Fear Masking will lead to vaccination at gunpoint (or you-can't-go-anywhere point) and to "tracking" - and it won't be Just Corona.
That is why this is war - and why this must be resisted.
By refusal.
Do not wear the mask. Ignore the Coonman's order. Enter stores unless physically prevented. Shop at other stores. Buy things Samizdfat style - on the down low, from people you know who grow or raise and will not Stasi you out to the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Decouple. Dodge. Decentralize.
The hands of our oppressors must be slapped away from our throats - by refusing to wear the Fear Mask.
For the same reason that we'd refuse to wear diapers.
The time has come for us to gather together and assert our rights. To make it clear to the Coonman and others of his kind that respecting them isn't discretionary.
That the blank check has bounced. And our patience is at an end.
There may be consequences for this. But the consequences for not doing it are far more a threat. The time is at hand to recognize this fact and act upon it.
They simply won't leave us be. Accommodating them has only emboldened them.
And that they only way we'll stop them isn't by obeying them.
. . .
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