When one joins a gym one generally signs a waiver of responsibility document that says you agree itís not the gymís fault if you have a heart attack while working out - and so on.
Basically, you agree to assume the risk of working out there in exchange for being able to work out there.
If you do have a heart attack, it's a tragedy. But the gym doesn't get the bill - and none of the other members are required to submit to a cardiovascular exam before being allowed to hit the weights. Everyone isn't presumed to be a heart-attack-in-the-making. Everyone is presumed to be healthy - and treated accordingly.
Another example that was once common was the sign at a pool that read: No Lifeguard on Duty - Swim at Your Own Risk.
And people did.
Why canít they again - so to speak?
At gyms - at bars and restaurants. Everywhere.
Worried you might get sick? Then donít go inside. Worried someone else might get sick? That's their business.
Mind your own.
No oneís forcing you to work out or eat or shop among the unDiapered. And the Undiapered aren't forcing you to take off your Diaper, either.
Those who go inside agree - on the record - that theyíre not worried about getting sick and that theyíre willing to assume the risk of working out or eating or having a cup of coffee with friends, unDiapered.
Theyíre not forced, either. Imagine that.
The best part of this deal being that those who are terrified of the risk - no matter how remote - no longer have veto power over those who arenít terrified.
Isnít that how it ought to be?
It was once exactly that way.
Neurotics didn't get their way - though they were free to be as neurotic as they wanted to be.
People afraid to swim without a lifeguard present stayed out of the water. Or they took whatever precautions they felt they needed, such as wearing a life-preserver or staying in the shallow end.
No one had a problem with that - because why would they?
No one's rights were affronted. No one's forcing anyone to go in the pool. Stay out if the prospect alarms you. Or be responsible, if you're not capable. Kind of like staying home if you're vulnerable - rather than insisting everyone stay home.
Or install a Face Diaper.
It would have been considered the height of effrontery for the afraid-to-swim to demand that the pool be locked-down to prevent anyone from swimming unless a lifeguard was present.
It would have been considered a sign of mental illness to insist that everyone - including those who can swim - wear a life-preserver to ease the fears of those who canít.
The same species of effrontery - of illness - is now taken as a sign of virtue, signaled not by the choice to Diaper but by the demand that everyone Diaper.
It manifests, like a hacking cough, as this idea that because some people are terrified, their terror entitles them to terrorize those who aren't terrified.
Or coughing.
Sick-in-the-head people are trying to impose a Fear Cult on the populace, deviation from which constitutes not merely heresy but a mortal sin, punishable by the most extreme measures. You can see it in the eyes of the Diapered - their eyes being the only things we can see. They burn with hate toward those who don't believe - and display their unbelief.
We approach - or rather, we regress - to the time of witch hunts and public burnings of unbelievers.
The Diaper being the uniform of the new Torquemadas.
They will never permit waivers. Far too reasonable.
Far worse, such a thing would make it impossible for them to impose their faith by creating the visual impression that everyone shares it.
Mark that in countries governed by Sharia Law everyone also appears to be "of the body" - to crib a line from an excellent because instructive episode of the original Star Trek series (the episode is Return of the Archons and well worth a YouTube).
Which - tangent, but a related one - brings up Mr. Sulu, played by George Takei, an ardent Diaper wearer and Diaper-insister. He is "of the body." And wants you to be, too. For George, who is elderly and also gay and so at real risk of death from any virus, not just the Chinese virus - Diapering may be a sensible policy. Perhaps the Diaper protects him - and you'd think that'd be enough.
It isn't.
He - like others "of the body" - practically screams that all must Diaper, to calm his fears - an interesting incongruity given George and his family were placed in a concentration camp to allay other people's fears. They were of Japanese descent but not Japanese agents. It didn't matter; they were presumed to be Japanese agents - a danger to the health of the body politic - and locked up on that basis.
George and his family never got the chance to sign a waiver affirming they weren't Japanese agents and allowed to go about their business.
Maybe revenge is his motive - and the motive of others "of the body" - for not leaving people free to offer and sign waivers and go about their business, Undiapered.
. . .

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