GM hardly makes cars anymore.
The entire colossus - which once made half of all the cars sold in the United States - now makes about 17 percent of them, all four of its divisions (Chevy, GMC, Cadillac and Buick) combined.
In 1970, Chevy sold more cars by itself than all of GM does today.
But GM’s market share of virtue is going up and up! Face Diapers and electric cars for which there is no market.
And now - along with Amazon, Goldman Sachs and other retailers of virtue - GM has agreed to publicly bean-count the racial/ethnic/sex-preference/biological sex and indeterminate sex of its employees as well as gerrymander its employee roster according to the same criteria.
It'll be an Easter Egg Fest of "diversity" - with great attention paid to the color of the eggs, the number of each color and their placement in the carton.
Well, all but one color - and that one will get negative attention.
Overt racism and sexism, in other words, to “correct” assertions of the existence thereof. If there are more white male engineers than black female engineers, it is because the white male engineers were hired on the basis of their whiteness and maleness - not because they brought stronger resumes to the interview table.
Ipso facto.
And of a piece.
As with the Face Diapering - which presumes you are sick and treats you as if you are in fact sick absent the slightest evidence of sickness - it is presumed that any job held by someone who is male and white was obtained because of whiteness and maleness. In other words, that the white males who got the job aren't best-qualified for them but just white and male - the fact of their being white and male being sufficient to indict and convict them upon this charge.
A corollary of this theorem is that having black skin or female genitalia or genitalia you're unsure of or which vary according to how you feel about them are CV superlatives that trump engineering ability. If there are two candidates for a given job opening, what's under the hood (so to speak) and the hue of the paint are determinative.
Isn't that what the problem supposedly being redressed was all about?
How do you fix racism and sexism by applying more of the same? Wouldn't it be better to just design and build cars again? Wouldn't it be great if that was all that mattered at a car company?
GM was once run by engineers. It is now run by a former vice president of human resources who is paid about $22 million annually to oversee the former car company’s “transition” into the “high tech space.”
This is how you go from 50-plus percent of the market to 17 percent.
But she is the first female CEO of a major car company.
Soon, there will be slots for everyone - according to their identity. Well, except for one of those identities. We all know which one but are guilt-tripped not to mention it - it being “racist” to touch upon the fixation on race - and the ghettoing of a particular race.
“People of color” does not include one color. That color being the new colored. No job for you, whitey.
They’re openly saying that, too. It is a sure cure for putting racism behind us.
The people of one color are certain to not resent being excluded from employment - and treated as guilty for things they didn't do - on the basis of their color (and equipment). They will view it with the same placid equanimity blacks once felt when they didn't get the job because of their color.
Interestingly, past is also prologue.
In 1970, GM was chaired by a white male named James Michael Roche - who was the first GM executive to market virtue over cars. He installed a black reverend on GM's board - and he apologized to Ralph Nader, who wrote a scurrilous book defaming the hugely innovative Chevy Corvair.
"Anybody who achieves a top position in an organization owes a debt of some kind," Roche reportedly said after he retired. Echoes of you didn't build that, said a couple of decades later, with more belligerence, by Barack Obama (who also didn't build much of anything, either).
It probably isn't coincidental that it was during Roche's tenure that GM began its long slide into what it has become - which is just barely a car company.
But it's a great success in the selling of virtue.
. . .
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