Life has been put on chokehold for most of this year - perhaps permanently - but the payments are coming due.
Many people can’t afford to keep making them, however - due to their jobs being cancelled by decree of the Gesundheitsfuhrers. While some of the cancelled jobs have come back many never will. It's hard to keep your doors open when you're only allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity - assuming you're allowed to open them at all.
Or forced to close them, again.
For awhile, there was "forbearance" - which means you still owe, just not right now. The payments don't go away, though. And in some cases, they compound.
Interest on the growing principle.
In a kind of psychological reverse withholding, people (who didn't read the fine print) were gulled into believing they had more rather than less money because they weren't expected to spend it on things like car (and home) payments.
For now.
But that was then.
Forbearance is ending, even though the chokehold has only been partially relaxed and many businesses - and thus, jobs - have been choked out, for good.
But he bills are coming due - plus interest.
Meanwhile the weekly stipend from the government offered up as a palliative measure has been dialed back, resulting in payments (plus interest) on car loans not being made.
TransUnion - one of the major credit reporting bureaus - reports that the number of “cases” of delinquent loans is hot-spotting. It’s now over 3 percent - which is about three times as high as the percentage of the population supposedly slumber-roomed by the WuFlu.
It is many times higher than the percentage of the population actually slumber-roomed by the WuFlu alone (about 9,400 according to the "science" - as admitted to by the CDC but rarely reported by the media; the other 190,000 or so having been slumber-roomed by old age, COPD and other "co-morbidities" that normally slumber-room people in those categories every year, regardless of the flu, wu or otherwise).
More proof that the cure is worse than the alleged disease.
The question now is - how much worse will it get?
For now, the government is still paying the people it unemployed as much as $400 per week - in addition to normal unemployment benefits.
It's a tidy sum to be paid - for not working.
But that’s a $200 per week reduction in the original $600 weekly no-work palliative - which some observers regard as the Beta Testing of the permanent palliative which the government has in mind to keep people idle - and paying:
Universal Basic Income.
Pay everyone to not work.
This makes not working agreeable.
The problem, though, is that someone will have to work to pay for all of this not-working but still paying - the government not having any more money than it confiscates through taxes, applied to those who do work.
How much more will it have to confiscate - or print - to make all of these payments for not-working to keep people paying?
Especially now that the not-working have $800 less to pay per month - which is having the predictable effect of many of those not-working not being able to pay as much.
The Democrats promise to restore the weekly palliative to $600 once they rid the White House of the hated Orange Man, who has had the effrontery to go back to work himself - sans the Diaper! - and urges others to do the same.
He wants to stop paying people not to work - in order that they can make payments on the things they purchased, rather than use the government to force people who didn't purchase them to pay for them.
The Hair Plugged Man wishes to keep on paying the not-working so as to palliate the chokeholding (and Diapering) of the economy (and population) for the sake of "stopping the spread" of a sickness that makes almost no one seriously sick and even fewer actually dead.
If he rousts the Orange Man, it'll be Diapers and Needles - and UBI, perhaps contingent on being Needled.
Maybe those who are still working will begin to decide not to as well. In order to avoid the taxes they're forced to pay to subsidize the not-working. Then who will pay the taxes that pay out the UBI?
It's a question the Orange Man ought to ask the Hair Plugged Man at the next debate - assuming there is one.
Assuming we can hear what either of them say through the Face Diaper they'll probably be wearing.
Though perhaps the Orange Man will remove his - or even better, not wear the thing at all.
If he does, he's got my vote.
I'd rather work - and pay my own bills. But that may be a quaint - an odd - notion to cling to in an era of forcing people not to work - and forcing others to pay for it.
. . .
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