Halloween should be interesting - in that perhaps it'll be the one day of the year we get to see people's faces again. The one day when "masks" aren't worn - which will be absolutely terrifying to a cohort of weaponized hypochondriacs.
Hypochondria is defined in the psychiatric manuals as an obsessive and unreasonable fear of sickness; the sufferer believes he is either perpetually sick or will become sick and obsesses over palliative measure such as the wearing of gloves and "masks," dreads coming into physical contact with or even proximity to other people, spritzes objects with sanitizer - and so on. Howard Hughes was a hypochondriac; Howie Mandel is a self-confessed hypochondriac.
This sickness of the mind used to be confined to its sufferers, who lived sad and isolated lives. We felt pity for them because we knew they were victims of an irrational fear.
The last eight months have witnessed a push by the consolidated media (all the major sources of "News" are owned by a handful of large corporations) to make everyone live a sad and isolated life by weaponizing hypochondria. This has been done by a ceaseless juggernaut of propaganda intended to create an obsessive and unreasonable fear of sickness.
It is obsessive and unreasonable because this sickness is almost exclusively a problem for the very elderly and the very-already-ill and usually both, 2.6 times (the average number of serious "co-morbidities," or underlying problems that tend to get you dead such as COPD and advanced cardiovascular disease that the average person who died with WuFlu already suffered from).
For people who aren't very elderly or already very ill to obsess about sickness is itself a sickness - hypochondria.
Textbook DSM.
But these are largely unknowing hypochondriacs. They believe their fear of sickness isn't unreasonable or obsessive because the consolidated media has caused them to believe it isn't - by not telling them the truth. By insisting that the WuFlu is something very dangerous to everyone.

It doesn't matter that it isn't if they believe that it is. A terrified person isn't a rational person. And people are terrified. So terrified that all it takes is utterance of the trigger words - the cases! the cases! - to keep them cringing and wondering, in alarm, why you (by showing your face) do not cringe similarly.
They do not believe they are pathological. They believe you are criminal - a literal purveyor of unseen but omnipresent death, a hateful and monstrous person for refusing to come to terms with what they believe you are. Someone to be feared and loathed, like Frankenstein's monster, apropos of the coming Halloween holiday. And apropos the story of Frankenstein's monster, who was hounded by torchlit mobs of incensed villagers for the accidental murder of a child (the monster did not know his own strength).
This is weaponized hypochondria.
Frankenstein chases the villagers. Many Frankensteins. Egged on by a cohort of Igors, multiples of Dr. Frankenstein's deformed and menacing assistant. In the book, Igor drops the "good brain" intended for what became the monster and replaced it with a very bad brain indeed, that of a deceased murderer.
These Igors can be seen on every consolidated media "news" channel, pulling the levers and throwing the switches; their names byline every op-ed. They do not mention the 2-3 million who never died; they do not put "the cases! the cases!" into context, soothing fear by letting people know that almost all of these "cases" show no symptoms, the thing by which sickness is - was - once defined.
Which gives you a window into their sickness.
Their evil.
Dr. Frankenstein, after all, meant well. He wasn't actually trying to create a monster. He meant for his creation to have the good brain. He was attempting to discover the secret of life - in order to break the hold that death has had over human beings from the beginning of time. His experiment went awry, of course - courtesy of Igor - and the story is a cautionary tale about upending the natural order of things.
The Frankensteins of our time are monsters deliberately created for the purpose of trampling life. They are monsters far worse than the poor creature unintentionally brought to life in the book - who was himself an innocent and tragic victim, which is why many readers felt sorry for him.
The creatures responsible for weaponizing hypochondria, however, are guilty of crimes heinous almost beyond the power of language to articulate.
May god have mercy on them if their victims ever come to understand the source of their torment.
. . .
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