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    Fi Racing

    The F1 fever is back on. With a total of 21 F1 races this year, the F1 fanbase is making the most of the events and races, even extending their love online in various themes and sporting events.
    Regardless of who you support in the Grand Prix circuit or which team you cannot stand; it is the competitive rush of F1 that also attracts you to various online games and online casinos.
    However, if you haven’t experienced the world of online gambling before, here’s some news for you. It has been going strong for over a decade.
    If you combine the two loves – automotive sports and online casinos, then there is some fun news for you. You can get started with online gambling with some of the best racing themed slots that are popular the world over. A passion with jackpots, bonuses and promotions. So here you go:
    1. Macau Racing
    Macau Racing Slot Machine is a mobile optimized game that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and many other extras that help you earn some decent prizes. The slot uses symbols of fast race cars and checkered flags to complete the illusion that you are competing in the curvy streets of Macau.
    It also features a beautiful background of Macau City skyline as its backdrop to add more details to the experience along with the sounds of revving engines and great quality animations of car speedometers.
    The good thing about Macau Racing slot machines is that it enables you to enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money. it also has free spins bonuses and reels of stacked wilds to make it more lucrative to play.
    If you want to check out similar, exciting slot game themes head to NetBet Casino to get your fill.
    2. Monte Carlo Racing
    If you have had your fill of Macau Racing, then maybe you can try Monte Carlo Racing that’s an exciting new slot machine emulating an upscale resort from Monte Carlo.

    The theme is glamour all the way featuring sports cars, casinos and super yachts.
    One has the choice of 40 pay lines, wild symbols, free spins rounds and additional bonuses. It also showcases some old-world symbols of luxury such as the gold watch, red sports cars and a glamorous female racing fan. The nighttime cityscape symbol adds to the feeling of Monte Carlo Racing features some traditional symbols of luxury, including the gold watch, red sports car, super yacht, casino and glamorous female racing fan. There are also racing symbols, such as the black and white checkered flag, while the bonus game features a racetrack.
    Other symbols include the roulette wheel emblematic of the famous Monte Carlo casinos, along with a nighttime cityscape symbol. Car engine sounds add to the atmosphere. All in all, Monte Carlo Racing has some fun features and background to get your engine revving.
    3. Highway Kings
    Highway Kings is a simple online slot game. The reels are plain, and the design is neat. They have used symbols of tyres, cans of petrol and dice. Players can adjust the bet size using the control panel bet from anywhere from 9p to £45 in each go.
    Highway Kings lets you imagine you are a truck driver and cruising along the Highway Kings slot featuring five reels and nine pay lines. The reels are adorned from the outside with giant American style trucks with pay line numbers displayed on either side.
    4. F1 racing slot game
    How can we forget Formula One? It has all the elements of glamour, luxury and adventure with sexy cars and saucy women. The slots are designed to remind you of a real-life racetrack, the graphics are sophisticated and with cash prizes up to £5,000, it is quite the deal.
    F1 Racing features 5 reels and 25 pay line slots with a major jackpot prize. Players can use wilds, free spins, scatters and bonus games to increase their chances of winning.
    So, head to the racetrack virtually and speed away at the slot machines. Who knows you could win the jackpot?

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    Might I suggest that any member who is stupid enough to take any notice
    of this advertisement seriously needs to have their head examined.

    Die dulci fruimini!
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